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Three part Nutrition Counselling

Currently offering a 6 week, one on one customised nutrition program. We will assess your current eating habits and work together with you to improve health and well-being. Each program is tailored specifically to your needs. Changes are gradual, but truth be told, it will require commitment and a desire for change.

Part 1: 1 Hour

This one hour consultation will be the gateway to making changes to your current eating habits. Everything we eat has an effect on how we feel, how much energy we have, and how well we respond to stress and disease.   Because we are all different on so many levels, a one on one investigation into current lifestyle and eating habits is used to garner what changes will work best for you. Whether it is adding more vegetarian foods, removing sugar or simple fine tuning – you will get the knowledge you need to take charge of your own health. Included is a detailed document outlining recommendations that are suited to your goals.

Part 2: 1 Hour

We will meet at your local grocery store, where together you will examine label reading, brands, and food trends. Ever wondered which is better: maple syrup or agave nectar? Or how about which is healthier coconut oil or butter? This tour will be both fun and informative as you head out on a personal food journey. Learn which superfoods you should be including to optimize your health.

Part 3: 45 minutes

This 45 minute follow-up, is the time where we can fine tune your nutrition plan and make changes to increase your adherence to the plan. What is working? What is totally not fitting into your lifestyle? This is your chance to see your progress.

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