8 Wonderful Reasons to go to a Psychotherapist

You want to love and accept yourself

You want to make a good marriage great 

You want to be a fantastic parent

You want to thrive in your career

You want to understand your purpose in life

You want time each week to focus completely on yourself 

You want to reach a fitness goal

You want to let go and forgive

You want a place to practice assertiveness, expressing emotion, or anything else

Adapted from an article in Psychology today 


Lauren Wolff
Registered Psychotherapist (q)

I specialize in clients with relationship, self-esteem, anxiety, sex, body image and family dynamic challenges. The goal is understanding current feelings and difficulties and where they come from, to create new, positive interpersonal experiences and relationships. Often these feel impossible to conquer alone and I help clients unpack with an aim to resolve these issues.

My approach is psychodynamic psychotherapy, meaning I primarily use talk therapy - anything that comes to mind, including dreams, fantasies, presenting issues and even in-depth exploration of early experiences - to help understand the root causes to heal old or repressed emotional wounds. The goal is, by revealing and understanding these earlier experiences, the client can become happy, healthy, confident.

Psychotherapy has been my most important relationship to-date. With the help of a psychotherapist, it is possible to feel better about yourself. That much I know is true. It's not necessarily easy but it can be deep and life changing - at least that's my experience. Finding the right therapist is like any relationship - it's about connection. I invite you to reach out and see if we are the right therapeutic fit.

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